dr. DVM Anne Becker

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This project is centered around the theory that diet type, through its metabolic interaction with the intestinal microbiota, has a considerable impact on intestinal health and general well-being of captive cheetahs. It can be hypothesized that the degree of fermentability of dietary compounds and the resulting spectrum of potentially beneficial and toxic metabolites are largely determined by the microbial diversity in the digestive system. In order to predict the outcome of health promotion of captive cheetahs through nutritional modulation, it is thus crucial to obtain comprehensive insights in the diversity and dynamics of the functional intestinal microbiota. To this end, two main research objectives are envisaged: (i) To explore the diversity and temporal stability of the predominant and thus functionally important intestinal microbiota in captive cheetahs using a series of culture-independent methods (ii) To investigate the effect of nutritional modulation through intake of indigestible animal tissue on the functional diversity of the intestinal cheetah microbiota, and to link the observed changes to metabolic data of ongoing research in order to predict the potential health benefits of different diet types.