Dr. Koenraad Van Hoorde

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Research activities: 

Currently I’m exploring the possibilities of using mass spectrometry, more specifically, MALDI-TOF MS and q-IMS-TOF, as new highly sensitive, high-throughput tools for describing and/or monitoring the microbiota associated with the gastro-intestinal tract as an alternative for the current molecular practices. In addition, my attention is still drawn towards many microbial aspects related to fermented food products: identification of various groups of bacteria (lactic acid bacteria, staphylococci, ...) using MALDI-TOF MS, genetic fingerprinting and sequencing; study of the diversity and population dynamics of the microbiota associated with the production of fermented food and beverages (e.g. fermented meat and vegetables, cheese, kefir, cocoa ...); effect of sodium reduction on the cheese microbiota together with the effect of adding specific adjunct cultures ...