Prof. Dr. Aurélien Carlier

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Research activities: 

I am interested in the interactions between bacteria and their hosts in general.

More specifically, my research focuses on obligate or vertically-transmitted mutualistic symbioses. These are notoriously difficult to study by traditional methods because molecular processes between the host and symbionts have often been tangled by millions of years of co-evolution. However, they are the most promising in terms of application and understanding of co-evolution between host and bacteria. Obligate symbioses can be viewed as the most successful biological partnerships and a tremendous source of biological innovation. Indeed, some ancient forms of obligate symbioses have shaped life and the world, giving rise to modern mitochondria and chloroplasts, for example. 

My main area of concentration at the moment is the functional characterization of leaf nodule symbiosis in some species of Ardisia and Dioscorea. 

If you are interested in joining my lab for MSc or PhD studies, please send your CV at aurelien(dot)carlier (at) ugent(dot)be